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More About ELE.

Empowering Local Energy Group, Ltd. (ELE) is a team of three women engineers committed to ensuring that communities actively contribute towards in the global low carbon energy transition.

Our vision is to create an inclusive world where everyone has access to affordable, clean energy, with no communities left behind.

Our mission is:

  • Empower local communities to take a more active role in their energy journey.

  • Alleviate fuel poverty, support decarbonisation, energy independence, resilience, and decision-making.

  • Mainstream social inclusion in energy development projects.

  • Donate 5% of yearly profits towards organisations that align with our vision.

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Our Founders.

IMG_8229 (5).JPG

I'm a trained mechanical engineer who worked in the US oil & gas industry before transitioning to renewables. I'm experienced in complex stakeholder management, project delivery, hybrid energy system design and modelling.

Katherine Frangos


I'm a trained electrical engineer in Energy and Power Systems. I'm experienced in modeling complex energy systems, and I'm very interested in the intersection of energy systems with gender and social inclusion.

Maty Tall


I'm a licensed professional civil engineer (in USA). I'm experienced in project management and engineering of buildings and infrastructure. I have experience with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and am passionate about reducing climate change impacts.

Michelle Stevens

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