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Local Energy

Giving Communities the Power to Grow

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Solar Panels Technicians

About Us.

At ELE Group, our vision is to create an inclusive world where everyone has access to affordable clean energy, with no communities left behind.

Is your community in need of technical guidance to achieve energy security and reduce fuel poverty? Learn more about our new community energy platform below.

To learn more about our vision, mission, values, and team, click "Learn More".

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New Community Energy Platform

Leveraging education and collaboration tools to meet your community's energy needs.

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Community Energy Strategy Development.

Our platform will help you create long-term energy strategies at the community level to bridge the gap between top-down government programs and regulation with grassroots interests. Long-term energy strategy also includes supporting longevity in community action by developing educational material for local communities, to encourage them to take an active role in their energy futures.

Community Gardening

Holistic Energy Systems Analysis.

Our platform will support holistic energy systems analysis to move your community energy project from concept to completion, including technical feasibility studies and the design of hybrid local energy systems. We are developing tools to help build partnerships with local installers, distributors, and manufacturers.

Female Developers

Gender & Social Inclusion in Energy Projects.

Energy plans must consider all members of the community in order to not further marginalise at-risk groups. Our platform  will link the technical and socio-economic elements of energy to integrate gender and social inclusion in community-led developments.

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Registered Office: International house, 38 Thistle St, Edinburgh, UK EH2 1EN

Company Reg. No: SC694919

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